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We're pleased to announce the completion of our very first responsive designed website. One code that runs on desktops, tablets and mobiles. Built upon Gantry, Bootstrap and Joomla, GGI Touch is running on the latest frameworks. We made heavy use of K2 and Joomla's built-in tools, alongside many custom modules. Visitors have immediate access to the CSR/Sales group via a live chat solution running on the Olark platform.

Design, Engineering and Integration are some of GGI Touch's greatest strengths. Their team of experts will assist you and ensure the selection of the most suitable, cost-effective solution for your specific Human Machine Interface application.

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Nestego is a Montreal based web design company. We work with individuals and small to medium sized companies to design and develop beautiful brands, websites, blogs and applications interfaces. We provide powerful attention to detail, coupled with elegant and functional design which transforms your business.

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